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AMA Alliance Southern States Leadership Conference
March 20, 2014- March 22, 2014
Louisville, KY

Program: Succeed with Oomph and Humor
Whitehall Southern Mansion and Gardens
Louisville, KY


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Elope for a weekend “hot date” with your spouse and nurture that romance by experiencing Kentucky’s Unbridled Spirit – a place where your spirits are free to soar.   If you recall last years Southern Regional Meeting in Louisiana, you know what we mean.  Dating your spouse helps you re-connect -emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically – and reminds you why you married them in the first place. It creates variety and interesting experiences in your life – new places and experiences creating a positive relationship – a tapestry of fond memories that strengthen your relationship. Kentucky is the place to experience it.  Even the presentations are planned for you and your spouse.  We hope you both attend all the events.

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